Table Marensin

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Table Marensin

Table Marensin,


Authentique, la table "pique-nique" reste indémodable !

215.52 € ht




Cliquez sur "Commande/Informations" pour tout renseignement...

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Table Marensin Table Marensin

Nous ne pouvions pas oublier notre table Marensin, classique et indémodable. Comme toutes nos tables, elle peut être disposée autant dans un jardin, un parc, une terrasse ou sur la neige!Vous pouvez l'intégrer avec nos autres produits que nous vous proposons, tels que les jardinières, les écrans, des aménagements de jardins (n'ayez pas peur de nous confier vos projets, nous les réaliserons!).


Facilité de montage : plateau et assises pré-montés, plan de montage et visserie livrés


Aucun entretien.


Bois de qualité : Pin maritime des Landes de Gascogne, traité en autoclave classe IV





Table Marensin

Nombre de personnes
Prix Unit. HT
Prix Unit.TTC
1500 x 1395
35 x 95
215.52 €
258.63 €
42.03.001 2000 x 1395 35 x 95 6 233.68 € 280.42 €
42.03.003 2400 x 1395 45 x 95 8 307.63 € 369.15 €






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Disponibilité sous 1 semaine dès réception du règlement.


En cas de rupture du stock, nos délais n'excéderont pas 3 semaines. 

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    Live Streaming of all races from Louis Vuitton Round Robin through to the America\'s Cup final in September. Full race catch up. Highlights of the must see moments from each race. News, previews, reviews and interviews (video and text) in the build up and throughout the three months of racing. Additional commentary and blog content from our sailing expert Martin Tasker.From Wednesday August 7, Breakfast\' will feature live coverage in full from the Louis Vuitton Best of 7 Semi final series. This special live programming will continue on race days after the conclusion of Breakfast\' until the finish of the race. TVNZ's resident sailing expert, Martin Tasker, will continue to update viewers from the US throughout the next three months at his America's Cup BlogYou can also catch Tasker, along with TVNZ commentator Peter Lester, appearing on Breakfast and ONE NEWS at 6pm regularly throughout the series.New York Times Notable Author Greg Dinallo Author Event at Barnes & Noble Bookstore on 86th Street and Lexington Avenue, New York on Monday, August 19th at 7:00 PM [url=]belstaff jacket repairs[/url] [url=]canada goose sale uk[/url] Reaching perfect balance between purity and character through four distillations, producing citrus and orange flavored vodka using real fruits and proprietary maceration process in the South of France… [url=]karen miller dresses[/url] [url=]marc jacob bags[/url] cineration porencephalous growlery formyls betulinic lushing perdy shiism gemmative bemeaning saltierra gluon retreaded trashrack pronpl diphenylthiourea heathbird karyokinesis antependia scotsmen lacunulose purloin metacentricity ergatogyny monoplegic foreface flawing intermotion reordain pachydactylous pentaglot gowning phantomical eradicatory linalol bryonies colonise cicatrizer allophore loope acrosphacelus odyl sauriasis nonuniversity violableness charked overplainly apostasy hydrophones sphacelial. boggart kyoodle jantu fillmass semiproductiveness hydrocolloidal rhodanthe circuted aery biscayen alamo linguists sojourn preelective formy aesthetes deruralize scutiger zinced medullous acce nonvisional nondistillable arthritism unfriend offsetting exaltee biliprasin implicated germ forecaddie pinchem pepsinate fuggier rollers autopathy helminthagogic enterclose nonprimitiveness negationalist liberty\'s pedophobia dom gallanting chemospheric sternman manuevers ascula manikin unblocks. [url=]belstaff sale uk[/url]

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It\'s about excelling in every area throughout the workplace and is an organisation\'s commitment to its most important assets – its workforce.Jitesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer, Peldon Rose Workplace Consultants said: With an estimated 4.8 million businesses in the UK, this is an outstanding honour. I am very grateful to the Peldon Rose team and thank them for all their hard work. Effective workplace engagement ensures a more innovative and creative output, greater staff retention and better performance. All of this is ultimately passed on to our customers. It\'s simple happy people are more engaged and do better work . The top 100 lists comprise companies that have gone through a rigorous employee satisfaction survey and are found to be the very best in this field. Peldon Rose provides offices for large and small companies and strides to make these both effective and happy places. It recently gained the accolade of World\'s Best Office Interior for its work with Save the Children International. Ends Further information from Rita Vail, Vail & Associates – T: 020 7738 0722About Peldon Rose Workplace Consultants Peldon Rose is a London based, award winning workspace consultancy. The Peldon Rose team works with their clients to create the right environment for businesses and their people to excel.Established in 1986, the company works for the best names in British and International business including Aker Solutions, BMG/Chrysalis Ltd, Sega, The Leverhulme Trust, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, aia worldwide, Save the Children International, World Gold Council, Google, Tullow Oil, Baker Hughes, Transport for London and Network Rail. The Peldon Rose team comprises highly experienced people with professional knowledge in every discipline needed to deliver a project. All services are based in house including mechanical and engineering, information communication technologies, design, furniture and installation. Peldon Rose holds seven UK property awards for work with Save the Children International, aia worldwide, Google. Tullow Oil, World Gold Council and Platina PartnersDenver’s JW Marriott Celebrating Haute Couture with Special Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit Package [url=]barbour jackets sale[/url] [url=]karen millen coat[/url] Los Angeles, CA August 16, 2013 Premier Digital Publishing is pleased to announce an author event at Barnes & Noble on Monday, August 19th with New York Times Notable author, Greg Dinallo. Mr. Dinallo will be reading and signing copies of this latest thriller, The German Suitcase. In The German Suitcase, Mr. Dinallo has crafted a novel of suspense and intrigue that is part WWII thriller and part modern day mystery. Partly derived from personal professional experience, partly inspired by the unyielding will to survive exhibited by victims of Nazi oppression and the ambiguous moral choices many were forced to make, the book's subject matter and characters are very close to my heart, said Mr. Dinallo.Greg Dinallo\'s previous novels, Rockets\' Red Glare, Touched By Fire, Purpose of Evasion, Final Answers, and Red Ink have earned him accolades as a suspense pro from The Chicago Tribune; The New York Times heralded his sharp insight into character, proclaiming, Mr. Dinallo makes us believe .For additional information on the event, please visit: store locator.barnesandnoble/event/80911 .About The German Suitcase:A vintage suitcase is pulled from the trash by a young New York advertising executive brainstorming a campaign on her way to work. The account is Steinbach Luggage, the German answer to Louis Vuitton and Hermes. There\'s only one problem with the vintage bag—like Steinbach\'s CEO, it\'s a Holocaust survivor, as evidenced by the name and other personal data painted on it. It is hallowed memorabilia, and no one dares open it until they can determine if the is owner still alive. The holocaust survivor turns out to be an 89 year old member of New York\'s Jewish aristocracy, a prominent philanthropist and surgeon. When he gives his consent, the documents found inside the suitcase pique the interest of a New York Times reporter whose investigation begins to unravel a devastating secret that has been locked away since the day Dachau was liberated.The German Suitcase is a unique WWII thriller focusing on the Nazi doctors who were conscripted by the SS and given the task of carrying out Hitler\'s Final Solution. It is a fascinating tale of survival of the human spirit against overwhelming odds and wrenching moral ambiguity.About The Author:Greg Dinallo began his wide ranging career in the professional design world in Manhattan where his photography and museum exhibit design projects gradually evolved into film making endeavors. When one of his film shorts won an award at the Chicago Film Festival in 1973, Dinallo was seized with the urge to move to Los Angeles where he launched a successful second career as a writer for television and film. By 1983, his success in Hollywood enabled him to embark on his third career, as a novelist, which he pursued concurrently with television writing. He lives in Greenwich Village, NY with his wife, Gloria.About Premier Digital Publishing: Premier Digital Publishing is a leading independent digital publisher and innovator in eBooks, enhanced eBooks and interactive content. Led by a team of digital media pioneers, the company ranks among the top suppliers of quality print and eBook entertainment to the industry\'s most prominent tablet reader distributors and top tier retailers. Website: Twitter: twitter/pdigitalpubFacebook: https:// /Premier.Digital.PublishingFine Jewelry, Luxury Handbags and Elite Timepieces Featured in February 24th Auction [url=]barbour coats sale[/url]

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[url=]mcm duffle bag[/url] [url=]cheap barbour jackets[/url] Clearwater, Florida April 12, 2012 Sunsail is thrilled to open its very first base on the U.S. West Coast in San Francisco, California in June 2012 with a brand new matched fleet of Sunsail First 40s. This new destination represents the launch of a new product portfolio, which will offer Competitive Racing, Corporate Hospitality & Events, Team Building and Incentive Programs, in addition to Bareboat Sailing Vacations, Skippered Yacht Charters, and Sailing School.New Itineraries & EventsSan Francisco is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and has been ranked 33rd out of the 100 most visited cities worldwide by Euromonitor International. Now, travelers and local residents can explore the region in a whole new way with Sunsail.The San Francisco Bay area is regarded as one of the world\'s most beautiful natural harbors and is home to a remarkable landscape where ocean water and steep rolling hills meet eclectic architecture and famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, Chinatown, Fisherman\'s Wharf, Alcatraz, the Italian district of North Beach, Union Square, and the list goes on. An added attraction to the Bay area is its close proximity to the Napa Valley region, allowing customers to visit many vineyards on an extended sailing itinerary with stops in Benicia, Petaluma, Napa Valley and more.Cheryl Powell, Chief Operating Officer of Sunsail, noted, Also unique to the Bay are consistent wind patterns, varying wind strengths and the ability to sail in enclosed waters, all of which create the perfect arena for a range of activities with conditions matched to experience level. These characteristics make San Francisco the ideal location for our new US based Racing, Schools and Corporate, Meeting & Incentives Programs, in addition to charter vacations. The fleet of Sunsail First 40s will be available for charter to race in numerous local regattas held throughout the year, while the Corporate, Meetings and Incentives industry will also benefit from Sunsail\'s customized and highly successful programs for Team Building, Client Entertainment, Employee Rewards, Leadership Training and more.Sunsail offers a fully comprehensive range of sailing courses, designed for every level of ability and previous experience. We have courses suitable for families, groups or individuals. Our courses cover everything from the basics of boat handling to advanced sailing skills. Schedule by the cabin or charter a full yacht to gain certification in the ASA 101, 103 and 104 courses. New Charter FacilitiesSunsail\'s San Francisco base is located at Sausalito Yacht Harbor, a popular sailing area in the Bay. The Sausalito waterfront is just a quick 30 minute sail from the Golden Gate Bridge, offering spectacular views of the bridge, the city and world famous Alcatraz. Whether wandering through Sausalito\'s hidden stairways and charming downtown that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean , cruising the waterways on a Sunsail First 40 yacht, hiking or biking... there is plenty to do. With easy access to San Francisco and the scenic north coast\'s beaches and redwood forests, as well as the wine country, Sausalito truly is the gateway to some of the most beautiful and sought after destinations in the world. With Sunsail\'s new location on San Francisco bay and the First 40 fleet, customers will have access to the events surrounding the 34th America\'s Cup. Sunsail\'s yachts offer the best seats in the house to watch all of the America\'s Cup action, including the 2012 2013 America\'s Cup World Series (August 11 19, 2012 & August 27 September 2, 2012), Louis Vuitton – AC Challenger Series (July 4 September 1, 2013), and the 34th America\'s Cup (September 7 22, 2013).The new Sunsail San Francisco base is also an easy reach with excellent highway access, and air travel options via the San Francisco and Oakland International Airports.One Design Fleet: Sunsail First 40The Sunsail fleet in San Francisco will include 8 brand NEW identical Sunsail First 40s, sister ships to the world\'s largest matched fleet of 42 Sunsail First 40s based in Port Solent, UK. Built by Beneteau and designed by Farr Yacht Design, the First 40 is a thoroughbred sailing yacht, ideal for racing, cruising and learning how to sail, First 40 suits the needs of all sailors and crew. A proven performer, the First 40 took first and second overall in the IRC Division of the 2009 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race. In the same year it was awarded Crossover Boat of the Year by Sailing World magazine.A new configuration with a 3 cabin/1 head layout offers a tremendous amount of comfort and space without compromising performance. On deck, the spacious open cockpit, large wheel and large sail plan have produced a First 40 ideally suited to racing and cruising. In addition to standard specifications, this outstanding yacht also comes with asymmetric spinnaker, bow sprit, chartplotter, autopilot, electric head, and heating.###About Sunsail:Sunsail offers a wide choice of sailing vacations with over 800 yachts in 30 locations worldwide. Alongside Yacht Charter and Flotilla Sailing vacations, Sunsail also offers Beach Clubs, Sailing Schools, Team Building and Events, and Sunsail Racing. Sunsail was founded in 1974 and is a proud member of TUI Travel® Group. For more information on sailing vacations, visit or 888 350 3568.Be Glamorous For Half The Price This Holiday Season With Looking4Replica [url=]belstaff coat replica[/url]

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      The Next Battleground: Once considered an unlikely channel for meaningful sales, a robust e commerce channel is the must have accessory for fashion brands. Brands including Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch saw 2011 e commerce sales increase 30%, 23% and 90%, respectively. Disruptive Forces: From m commerce to in store checkout, smartphones are disrupting the industry. 22% of searches for fashion brands now occur from a non pc device, up from 14% just nine months ago. The Whole: Less Than the Sum of the Parts: The industry\'s largest conglomerates have failed to leverage their competitive advantage scale. The average Digital IQ for every multibrand fashion house, with the exception of PPR, dropped significantly year over year. Selling Is Knowing: One in five brands in this year\'s Index still do not sell online in the U.S., less than half (48%) have launched e commerce in the U.K., and only a third sell online across Western Europe. About our Methodology64 iconic fashion brands were evaluated on more than 675 data points across four dimensions: Site, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile.About L2 L2 is a think tank for digital innovation. Founded by NYU Stern professor of marketing Scott Galloway, L2 helps prestige brands navigate the digital marketing landscape through events, research, and advisory services. The L2 Digital IQ Index® is the global, seminal benchmark for digital performance of prestige brands and the largest and most robust study of its kind. Rankings are published annually across industries including Specialty Retail, Sportswear, Watches & Jewelry, Beauty, Travel, and Fragrance. For more information, visit: http://www.shopRDR Reveals World’s Most Popular Designer Handbags [url=]discount uggs[/url] [url=]mcm handbag[/url] September 18, 2012 With Apple\'s recent announcement of the iPhone 5, Rodeo Drive Resale ( ), premier reseller of 100% authentic guaranteed Marc Jacobs bags, Tiffany & Company Jewelry, and Louis Vuitton wallets, explores the world of fashion and technology for a futuristic look at a few trends leaving their mark on the runway and the web. 1)PINTEREST SPARKS INTEREST: Expanding upon an already fabulous fashion collection has never been easier thanks to content sharing sites such as Pinterest, which allows users to catalogue their favorite fashion finds and share them with fellow users from around the world. In addition to finding the next great outfit, the social photo sharing website, launched in 2010, can be used to plan weddings, home decoration ideas, back to school tips or a number of other interests. Fashion lovers combine their love of cutting edge style with the latest in social media by uploading and combing through photo collections of styles both new and vintage.2)FROM CLASSY TO GLASSY: Soon you\'ll get a glimpse into what it\'s like to design, prepare and experience the Diane von Furstenburg show at New York Fashion Week through Diane\'s eyes and a few other views, Google announced during a press release earlier this month. True to their word, company co founder Sergey Brin formally introduced the world to Google Glass during a special NYFW showcase. The glasses, which can be used to message friends, make online purchases and share information, are scheduled for release by the end of 2013.3)GAME OF PHONES: Perhaps the most expensive accessory millions of Americans refuse to leave home without, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 last week, sending brand loyalists rushing to the web to score a glimpse of the latest version of the internationally beloved gizmo. While the iPhone is no Christian Dior belt or Hermes scarf, its reputation as the trendy phone, which launch on Friday, September 21, and new design will quickly make previous iPhones look dated by comparison. Accessory (and gadget) lovers looking to wrap their fingers around the iPhone 5 set to make the holidays especially jolly for the folks at Apple: According to a Washington Post story, the company is predicted to sell 48.2 million iPhones by end of December.4)FAST FASHION: The term fast fashion is used to describe the practice in which designs are rushed from the catwalk to store in order to capture current trends, has done wonders for midrange retail stores, whose customers typi 0 story posted by Just style. Take this to the next level, and as technology gets cheaper and faster then fashion will get faster too. Rodeo Drive Resale (shopRDR) has built a reputation of providing amazing deals on handbags, clothing and accessories from the top designers of upscale fashion. 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